FO- Malabrigo Clapotis!

It still needs to be blocked, but I’m calling it a FO anyway…lol. You can see it on my BLOG. I love it. This was my first time with Malabrigo. I still can’t believe how soft it is. This morning, my almost 2 year old dd, stole my Clapotis. She’s been sititng on the couch with it, rubbing her face in it, petting it and saying “soft…lovey…” :heart:

It is stunning! I LOVE how the colors work so perfectly with the pattern! You are making me want to start my Clapotis!

What a great idea using Malabrigo. That might actually inspire me to make Clapotis. It certainly would be warm and cuddly for my MN weather knit in Mmmmmalabrigo. Good job. Can’t wait to see it blocked. :cheering:

GorGEOUS!!! :happydance: And that’s an AMAAAAZing colorway you picked, perfect for the clapotis - am inspired to search for yarn for my own!!

Oh my, that’s beautiful! I love the colorway you chose! I’ll have to buy some to make something for myself. How many hanks did you use?

Thank you guys!!! :muah:

It’s the velvet grapes colorway. I bought 4 hanks of it, and used all of 3 and only a little bit of the 4th. I’m estimating enough left over for a pair of mittens for me, maybe a baby sized hat too. :cheering: I’m going to block it tonight, After the kids go to bed. So, it’ll have from 8pm tonight to 7am tomorrow morning to dry, with a fan going to circulate air, It should be dry in that time.

oooooh that looks so cozy!! Gorgeous color too!

oops…It didn’t get blocked last night after all. After dinner, I sat on the couch and promptly fell asleep. DH said I looked tired so he didn’t wake me up until 11pm so we could go to bed. what a booger…oh well, at least he got the kids in bed all by himself…lmao

It’s beautiful! :heart: I’m sure it feels beautiful, too.

That girl has excellent taste! Great job!

Wednesday Morning I got my Clapotis soaked and pinned out, she was finally dry when i checked on her this morning. I put Pics on my blog! I’m so happy!!! I love her!!

Very pretty! The yarn works perfectly for that.

It’s beautiful! I have that colour too and it’s so pretty.

Oo! Perfect use of Malabrigo…

Excellent idea. I almost feel like it’s too late in NC to knit it now…maybe next fall… :figureditout: