FO: Magknits Emily (2 images)

This is my version of Magknits’ Emily. My changes were made out of necessity as I couldn’t get the pattern to work for me (from the armholes up) as written. Don’t know if it was me or my interpretation of the pattern, but it was my first top knitted in the round.

The yarn is Rowan Linen Drape. Thank you for looking. :slight_smile:

What a beautiful top that is! Your work looks perfect, from what I can see, congratulations!

Absolutely gorgeous x

WOW!!! It’s gorgeous!! It looks so soft!

:inlove: soo pretty…you did a great job :thumbsup:

very pretty. Did you like working with the linen yarn? I think it is supposed to get softer with each washing.

it looks great!

That’s lovely! It fits you so well and it’s a great colour.

Beautiful work :slight_smile:

How beautiful!!

It came out great!!! i love the color/ how was the yarn? it looks gorgous!!

Thank you very much for all the lovely comments, ladies.

dip’s mom: I’ve used linen yarn in the past that has been rather rough, but being 55% linen/45% viscose the Linen Drape is quite soft.

scout52: The yarn was nice to knit with, but being made up of very fine plies it does have a tendancy to occasionally catch on the needle and split. The
strands are matt, but once knitted up the fabric seems to have a very slight glow. The colour range is lovely, and it drapes beautifully. I was going to say I’d use it again, but I think it’s been discontinued.


Wow, that looks so pretty. Love the colour too.

That looks really beautiful, I love the lacey edging at the hem!

great work:happydance:

It looks great on you and you look great in it! Oooh, I love that edging too. Nice work!