FO - Magic Loop Socks

2 at a time, toe up, magic loop socks.
Swell Yarn’s Duet Sock Yarn - I love this!
For MEEEEEEEEEEEEE and finally finished.


Those are georgeous! I love the color!

:cheering: wow, those look GREAT!! I love the contrast heel and toe-it really looks good with the variegated!

How’d you like doing the magic loop? I’ve been wanting to try that but cant figure out how to get it going :??

Those socks really look good. Really! Congrats!

Awesome! Did you ever find a specific pattern or just adapted one for the two at a time toe up ML?

I love them! The colors are great. What colorway did you use?


They look great, and you take such fantastic pictures, too!! :muah:

wow, those are great! I love the colors.

I looooooove those colors!!! :cheering:


I think it’s the Tulsa colorway. My friend owns a shop online - She has many fun colorways in the Duets. You get the fun striped yarn and then a coordinating color for the toes and heels. :happydance:

Love the socks!!! I just ordered the duet socks from A Swell Yarn Shop. I sure hope it doesn’t take as long as they say it will to get it. Do you have a good reference you want to share on knitting sock with magic loop? I have used magic loop for other small diameter knitting but not for socks.

I used this pattern!


[small-medium] medium-large
Duet Sock Yarn
Coordinating color
Cast on a total of [24]28 stitches with coordinating yarn,
[12]14sts on needle1 & [12]14sts on needle2,
knit 2 rounds before beginning pattern

The Toe
round 1: k
round 2: needle 1: (k1, m1l, knit to last st, m1r, k1) needle2: repeat
Repeat round 1 & 2 until you have [52]56 sts

Main Color
Switch to main color, stockinette in the round
until sock measures 2 ¼” less than the length of your foot.
AT 2 ¼”
round 1: needle1 (k1, m1L, knit to 1 sts remaining, m1R, k1), needle2 (k)
round 2: k
Repeat round 1 & 2 one time [56]60 sts

Marking the after-thought heel
needle1 (k)
needle2 (k) a row using a scrap yarn of the same weight,
This marks where your after-thought heel will be
Return sts knit in scrap yarn to left needle,
re-knit the row using the main color.
Continue as usual in stockinette in the round for 2"

Still using main color use k2p1 rib pattern
Continue until you are out of main color yarn.

After-thought heel (Coordinating Color)
Remove scrap yarn row and put sts onto needle1 & needle2
Pick up on 1 sts at each end of needle1 & needle2 [56]60 sts
Using coordinating color
round 1: k
round 2: needle1 (ssk, knit to last st, k2tog) needle2 (repeat)
Repeat round 1 & 2 until you have 14sts on each needle [24]28 sts
Kitchner Stitch to close

Thank you so much for the pattern!!! What a fast reply!!!

What size needle did you use for your beautiful socks? Since I am copying you with the yarn and pattern. :roflhard:

LOL copycat!!!

I used size 2 - Addi Turbos - 42" long.

I’m a tight knitter though.

What colorway did you order?

What colorway did you order?
I ordered Kermy and Hipster. She was out of a lot. So Angela is your friend. She e-mailed me tonight and said she was mailing out my yarn tommorrow. Yea!!! I was looking at the pattern and you said you did two at a time on the magic loop but on the pattern it looks like you are knitting one sock at a time. Am I crazy or what? :??

technically you are knitting one at a time, but you times it by 2, because there are 2 socks… did that make any sense… so you follow the line you are on in the pattern for first said sock on needles, then push it out of the way when you are done and repeat the line for the next sock. So you will be working with multiple balls of yarn, 1 for each item (or at least i do).

I always knit socks, baby pants, sleeves etc, 2 at a time (have yet to learn the proper double knitting way) as it saves counting, counting, counting, oh, did i just count, have to count again…

And the socks are just divine, i have to say!!!

The socks are lovely! After I finish all of my Christmas knitting, I think I’m going to give sock knitting a try. When I buy the yarn from A Swell Yarn Shop, does one order of the Duets sock yarn make one sock or one pair of socks?

Cute socks! Are they machine washable?


You just follow the instructions twice. Cast on for two socks, work one and then work the other. Does that make sense?

I love Kermy and Hipster!!!

dek - yes, 1 Duet will give you 2 socks!!

kimmie - i’m not sure actually. i’ll try and find out. =)