FO - magic ball sweaters

Here’s a couple of kids sweaters I knit using the magic ballmethod. It was a lot of fun watching how it came out. I probably will not use this pattern again because I HATE seaming!!! Anyway, they were knitted for the Knit for Kids project and I will use a different pattern next time. A seamless one is on the way I hope.

I altered this one a bit by knitting the bottom in the round and then putting one side on a lifeline while working the other side. Instead of using all garter stitch on the yoke and sleeves I did a garter stitch ridge.

I followed the pattern on this one pretty much, but used all garter stitch.

:cheering: How cool are those! I really like the blue one especially. No, the mauve/pink/gray one. No, the blue one. No. the mauve/pink/gray… They are both great!


I forgot to mention… yarns in the pink/mauve one are mostly Encore scraps and the blue one is Lion Brand Jiffy and Homespun… :doh: Gad I hate that stuff!!

Both are gorgeous, and are sure to be treasured by the recipient.

They are both beautiful sweaters! And what a nice cause…Bookmarked! :thumbsup:

Great job, Jan!! So nice of you, too! :heart:

Great job Jan! Love them both!! :heart: :heart:


Those turned out great! Now I know what to do when my yarn leftovers start to get out of hand!

Great job on both! :thumbsup: I’ve never heard of the magic ball method, what a great stash buster! :thumbsup:

I forgot to mention that it can require a lot of weaving in… :shock: But it is a good stash buster and it’s a worthwhile cause. I have some wool that I think I’ll make a sweater for Afghans for Afghans charity. I thought they only took blankets/afghans, but they also take hats, mittens, sweaters, etc. They must be wool or primarily wool though because they need the warmth.

:smiley: They are both BEAUTIFUL! Love them! I know that each one will be treasured :smiley:

What a fabulous result. They’re lovely.

Fabulous sweaters!

Great job, Jan! That is a great stash busting technique! :thumbsup:

Those look terrific! I agree, I hate to seam. My least favorite part of the knitting process. I :heart: them both! Great job!!!

Great job on both! You’ve inspired me to want to make a magic ball from my leftover sock yarn…

both of them are cute! :thumbsup:

What a great idea and a wonderful charity!! :heart: They look beautiful!

They’re both great!

Wow, they look great! I love the colors and how they came out – very nice!!