FO: Machu Picchu Earflap-less Hat

My DH likes hats that have a ‘native’ look. Merigold’s husband is really great at designing his own “cultural” hats, but alas, I’m not that inventive. I found a pattern on Ravelry called the Machu Picchu Earflap Hat. My husband loves the two color design work, but not the flaps, so I left them out. Earflaps are a young thing, my DH is not. :teehee:

The pattern uses bulky yarn, so this project took one day.
Elann’s Peruvian Highland Bulky: not quite two skeins of Coffee Brown and not quite one skein of the Indian Red. Each skein has 54 yards. The yarn is quite nice, and I would use it again.
It is surprisingly soft, and not dry feeling.

Stranding bulky yarn makes the hat real thick in those areas, but he likes a fat hat. He had a brown & tan bulky weight hat for years and years, don’t know where he got hold of it. It finally gave out due to moth holes. I think it got moths cuz of where he stashed his precious hat. (not in the house) I think with his hunter stuff in the garage or the hunting bunk house. I dunno. I darned it a couple times, and that was that. I don’t know where he has it now! :teehee:

The red “took” to the camera a little “off”. It is more of an Indian Red.

:happydance: it looks great!

Oh that is really great! :cheering: It looks so soft, yet warm! Thank you for linking the pattern!

Wow, me likey!!! I love to do “hats” (but not for myself)…did ya do that “in the round”? I didn’t feel like loggin in to Rav to check out the pattern…

Wow! One day? Wow! Of course, I’m not surprised. You are quite the talented lady, and your hubby is quite the lucky man!

Yes, the pattern called for “in the round”…which is nice for ‘fair isle’ knitting, or, stranded knitting. I dunno what it’s called exactly, one or the other! The right side is always ‘facing’. No WS purling. :thumbsup:

Awesome…I thought “Fair Isle” or stranded is a no no in the round:flirt:

Heck no, it’s easier in the round! It’s intarsia that you need to do flat.

Love the hat, Dollyce!


Errr…you didn’t tell your husband you called him old on the KH board did you? :wink:

:aww: Oh heck no!


Beautiful work, as always, Dollyce.

Mine won’t wear a knit hat, due to always being too MS hot, but years ago when he did, he looked like Charlie Brown with a mustache. :heart:

LOL Marria! This looks fabulous ArtLady! Love the colors you chose. One day I’ll try “fair isle” knitting. :slight_smile:

Ummm…I am thinking back to when I did two colors “in the round” it was a slip st pat (that gave me some grief) not fair isle or stranded…thanks:hug:

I love the pattern… I’m hoping to make one soon.

Nice ArtLady! Very “ethnic” even without the flaps. Your colors are beautiful and the yarn does look soft. Very manly hat, but I have to say John is looking a little out of the usual. :slight_smile: I think the earflaps would look fine on John, I don’t think he is too old at all.

great job
thanks for sharing ur good works

Hi Judy!

No, I don’t think he’s too old to wear earflaps…but…he doesn’t like them. He’s too old (in his thinking) to know that they’re cool! And he is stubborn when it comes to ‘change’. :teehee: Or, updates! :wink:

It’s hand knit with a technique called stranding or fair isle.

It is great looking and I am sure your hubby is gonna love it!!

Pretty, pretty, pretty.