FO: Macao Twinset

I needed a lightweight sweater set for summer. My yarn (Bamboucle) has been sitting in my yarn cupboard forever. It’s a bamboo-cotton-linen blend. Boucles are usually difficult to knit with, but this blend was really nice. It sure blocked up nice! Very crisp.

It’s 80 degrees today…I’m a hot mess…a wreck…and too hot to model the sweater set…but I will as soon as the clouds and cool weather return. In the Pacific Northwest, that could be tomorrow! :teehee:

BTW…the pattern called for long sleeves, (click for a quick view) with routine 2x2 ribbed cuffs, with the chain cable running up the outside of the sleeve from cuff to shoulder. Old school.

So I shortened the sleeves to 3/4…and developed a ‘chain cable’ cuff that is hemmed for a nice finish. I knit the cuff flat, worked a 3-needle bindoff…then picked up stitches at one edge and knit the sleeve in the round from there. Plain st st.

As I was hemming the top edge, I laid the elastic in. No need to “thread the elastic” with a bodkin later. I won’t need i-cord straps. This little cami-tank will be worn with the jacket, never alone. The elastic keeps it snugly in place.

I developed the cami-tank same as for the cuff, except that I’m knitting down to the 2x2 hemmed finish. Plain st st, in the round.

When worn, the jacket’s slight ‘swing coat’ shaping isn’t as pronounced. I love the easy shape of this jacket. The rolled lapel is very casual and comfie. The slight ‘swing coat’ shaping was my own modification. The pattern called for the jacket to go straight up the sides.

My Rav Notes

Ooo pretty! Love the color!

I like that swing coat shaping! It looks comfortable and kicky. Love those cables. As usual, you’ve done a fantastic job. My daughter lives in the Seattle area and was saying the temps were 80 there too. It’s about the same here in Wisconsin. We’re having a heat wave–finally!

What a lovely set!!!

Very pretty!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


Very . . . ahem . . . cool!

Love it!

The only thing wrong with this is that it’s too good. You always do first class work. It makes the rest of us jealous.

It is really pretty. Such a nice color too.

What a difference from the original pattern. It’s like a before and after makeover. Very much more stylish and interesting than the original. Hope the weather changes soon to give you the chance to model this one as well.

Absolutely love the idea of the cables across the top of the cami matching the cuffs of the jacket. The set is, as always, first class and a one-of-a-kind set. Just beautiful.

I looked at all your recent cardigans and you know what I think other than compliments? I should start knitting something with cables. They always look so rich in your projects.

When cables are used/placed artfully, they define the lines and design of the design! I prefer judicious use of cables, rather than the all-over-the-place use of cables!

I love the chain cable in this sweater! It is petite as well as unusual. So much more interesting than the old rope cable.

How do you do it? Each and every piece you post are stunning. I can only look at your things and try to pretend one day I might make just 1 thing as gorgeous as you.

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[FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3]Beautiful as always. :muah: [/SIZE][/FONT]
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You’re so kind. I appreciate your compliments, as well as those from our whole KH family!

If you’re wanting to knit your first sweater, let me know. I have a few suggestions regarding the pattern design!

We all start somewhere! My first sweater was a cabled aran, which I did okay…but I was totally ignorant about gauge, which is what contributes greatly to the overall size size! I knit the size small…my aran pullover turned out a size XXXL! :teehee:

You were probably able to wear it the next day all right. Our weather sure has been fickle.

Lovely dove grey and I really like the sleeve modifications you made. So much better than regular ribbing in this case. I also like the “swing” you added. Very easy fit with a little swing.

They are very sincere compliments for sure. Since you are so sweater talented I would love your suggestions for 1st time sweaters. Possibly something to get first timers started without a lot of seaming? I know I will never get to where you are but I would love some suggestions for a begginer pattern to get over “sweater” fear.:wink:

I know it might appear dove grey on a different monitor since it’s a dusty green-blue. I think it’s more green than blue. Seafoam?

Thanks Judy!

This is the perfect cardigan for a first cardigan! Knit all in one piece, minimal seaming, no buttonholes! No collar, no unusual shaping! I love the simple lines. I made mine longer, but it’s anyone’s decision.

Pattern is FREE, too! The Allegra!

This is my favourite picture:

It really shows the accuracy of your work and how pretty it is on you!

Thanks for sharing