FO: Lunch bag

I’m cheap. I can’t see spending $20-30 on a lunch bag for work. They’re ugly anyway and not what I want. This one was crocheted with a 10 mm crochet hook and Caron One Pound worsted weight yarn that was tripled. It stands up nicely. These are red and white UW Badgers colors.

Now only that, but it is incredibly cute! I love this. It would work as a cute handbag too! :inlove:

Very good looking and washable too. It’s not just a little bit better than the commercial bags, it’s a lot better. Well done!

I’m trying to avoid the awful greasy food at work. I want to start bringing my own healthy food to work and save money. So this lunch bag is step one.

I want one >.<

Nice! And [COLOR=Red][B]RED [/B][/COLOR]is the perfect color for a lunch bag.

They say that the color [B][COLOR=Red]red[/COLOR][/B] increases appetite! Yay!

Oh, no! lol I’ll have to give my red and white one to Shadowfox and make another one. How about green and gold Green Bay Packer colors?

The color blue suppresses appetite

I don’t know whether it makes me hungry or not, but I love red, and your lunch bag is just lovely.

I wouldn’t say you’re cheap–I’d say your ingenuity’s showing! :wink:

Congratulations on decision to eat more healthfully. :thumbsup: Your lunch “bag” is very nice. If you give up greasy food you’d be able to eat more without a problem, so the red will work. :slight_smile:

You’re not cheap, you’re thrifty and you know what you like and if you can’t find it, you make it yourself… Nothing wrong with that! :slight_smile:
Love this little bag; it’s beautiful and totally useful.
Nice going! :thumbsup: