FO- Lotsa Hats

For charity using stash yarn. It’s mostly Encore worsted (the brown blend is James C Brett marble chunky) and most of the patterns are just made up as I went along. :wink: I’m going to add to them over the year and then next year donate them.

Kaleidoscope of hats :teehee:

Hi Jan,

Unfortunately I can’t see the pics at work but I love Encore worsted. I bet they’re beautiful.

Oh bummer! Well, you’ll have to view them later at home. :wink:

Very nice hats…I too loooove doing hats for charity…Did you just “make-up” the pat for the gray cable one? I’ve been looking for a hat pattern like that…:hug:

Yep, I did. That one is actually LB Wool-ease btw. This one fits me snuggly (is that a word? :??). I just looked at it and here’s roughly what I did -

CO 100 - k2p2 for 1.5 inches. There are 10 3x3 cables with 4 purl stitches in between each cable I think. They don’t all match up with the ribs like they should so you can alter that so they do if you prefer. I think the cables are crossed about every 6 rows. I don’t like the way most cable hats decreases so I kind of winged the decreases starting with the purl sections to keep the cables intact as long as possible. Then I decrease the cable to 2x2, then 1x1. It looks like this on top.

Really love them - especially this cable one!

Well the home computer is in the shop so I’m crossing my fingers it will be ready this weekend.

I just saw your last posted pic! Somehow my work doesn’t block attachments. I love the cable design.

Yummy yummy yummy! This is a magnificent group of hats, Jan!!!


:heart: all the hats, but especially the cabled version. What size needles did you use? I have a friend with a rather large head…

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


Wow, gorgeous hats!

Thank you everyone!

I think I used a 7. If you wanted to make your friend one I suggest a larger needle and/or more cast on stitches. To do the hat the same way I did I think you’d have to increase in multiples of 10. :think:

Thanks, Jan!

I have a sweater to finish but may start the hat anyway. We’re supposed to get together for lunch in early January and I’d like to give her the hat then.

Just a thought if you want to make the cable hat -

*Cables are kind of like ribs…they pull in a lot so keep that in mind. I normally cast on about 80 for an adult hat…this one has 100.

*If you keep enough purls between cables you can decrease with them as I did and keep the cables closer to the top of the hat.

Gorgeous hats!

Beautiful hats Jan! Lots of work! Love all the pretty colors and stitch variations! What a wonderful project!

What a bevy of beauties!! I love the way they look displayed as a group. You cooked up a bunch of neat designs. :thumbsup:

Ohhh superbbbbbbbbbbbb hats …love alls of them

Beautiful! Lotsa warm head there!

I love them all! And thank you so much for the tips! :hug:

Those are great Jan!! I love your color choices :slight_smile: