FO: Lots of Clogs

When I first made a pair of these clogs for my husband last year I hated the pattern and swore I would never use it again. Part of the problem is that I don’t like 16” cables, especially with size 13 needles. So when I decided to make some clogs for my sons I experimented with different techniques and settled on knitting these flat and seaming up the back. I also eliminated the 3-needle bind-off at the cuff and the outer sole. Instead, I picked up each stitch individually as I worked it and dispensed with the extra cable needle. This worked out so well I made a pair for myself as well. Pattern: Fiber Trends Felted Clogs Yarn: Cascade 220

They all look great. I have had that pattern for a long time, but have yet to make them.

They look fantastic!

ohmy gosh!

that just blew my mind lol

i wish i could do something like this :frowning:

They are wonderful ! I am glad that you found a way of making them that was easier for you :slight_smile:

They look great!!! I’ve had that pattern for a while too and haven’t gotten around to making them. :frowning:

Those look wonderful! :yay: I like your new technique, so I copied and pasted it for future use. I’m just now getting back to knitting a little at a time. I have 3 pairs of clogs I was to make for Christmas. Hope to get going on those soon.

They look great! I must get the pattern!! :thumbsup:

:yay: Those look great!

aren’t the clogs fun !! I made them for my niece and nephew and gifted them unfelted with instructions for them to felt them.

i have had this pattern for a long while, and even started it, but got bogged down and forgot which size i was making, and there are so many little details for which size, got reallly confused, unravelled the whole thing and put the yarn away. yours look so good, tho, Slim, may get motivated to try again–plus am more experienced in pattern reading now. linknit41

Oh man…these are awesome!!! I really, really need to make myself a pair. They look so comfy!

I know what you mean about reading the pattern! This time I made a copy of the pattern and circled the numbers for the size I was making in red, then put it on my chart keeper and slid the magnetic strip down the page as I worked. It was much easier! Here are some pics:

Slim, great idea! I have 3 pairs to knit when I can. I will be sure to remember your tip. :thumbsup:

Those clogs are fabulous! They look so nice and warm.


[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]These are wonderful… so professional looking too!:thumbsup:

These look so good and comfy and warm!!! I wanted to make these for a long time, but simething always gets in the way:teehee:

These look super. I must read up on felting:D

Oh wow, Slim, you’ve done it again! These are just too great! Sheees! I’ve never made any felted clogs…but then I had never made a brioche scarf til I saw your blue one!!!
You inspire me!

They look great. I hope the pair I am finishing up looks as good. I didn’t mind the triple needle bind off until I did it on the double sole. I think I’ll try doing a leather bottom on my next pair and eliminate the double sole. I like your choice of colors, makes me want to hurry and get mine done so I can wear them.