Fo Lopi tote

This is going to be my knitting bag for small projects it is reynolds original lopi color # 0090 I love the look of this yarn after felting but it felt like running sandpaper between my fingers while I was knitting with it!

Looks wonderful - perfect job! I love that color!

Thank you :muah:

I totally love it!!! That is one of my favorite colors!

Love that color! :inlove: It looks great!

Oooh, looks cute! Yeah, I just made a hat with Lopi, rough stuff. But I bet it would be really good for felting and give you a very sturdy fabric.

it is a very sturdy fabric

I had the same inpression of Lopi when i felted a bag with it
Love the bag, wish i had done a better job
but HORRIBLE to work with
felt about half as scratchy as steel wool would


does anyone have an active link to this pattern? I’ve googled it, and the site that used to host it is unavailable and i was hoping that someone might have downloaded the pattern… :shrug:

  • actually, don’t worry… i went through my huge stash of printed ‘to do’ patterns, and lo and behold, there it was :oops:

thanks anyway!

Here’s the link for you!


LOL I must definitely be an odd ball - as I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lopi! I guess I like the scratchy wooly type yarns! :shrug:

Very nice, and beautiful color!

I absolutely LOVE this little tote. I have been trying to find a cute bag pattern for my knitting projects. I have not done felting before; but I hear its not as scary as it looks!

Great job!