FO: Longies

I knitted these for another mama.
Took me 5 days. My first pair using a cuff and 2 different skeins [1 for trim & cuffs and 1 for body].

I don’t have pix yet but I also just dyed 2 skeins of KP bulky last night. I didn’t have enough KA to get a deep color but I used 3 packets and I think it turned out ok for my first try.

Those are cool! I like how the legs came out different from the body area.

Thank You!:aww:

Those are so cute! I really like how the striping turned out. :cheering:

[B][COLOR=“Navy”]MOM 232,

Those are sharp looking!!![/COLOR][/B]

Very impressive and look so cuddly…

it is adult size, and where did you find the pattern…

Thank you all. These aren’t adult sized, they are for her son. LOL. sorry. It wouldn’t be hard to adjust for adults though [lotta wool].

I first started off with 2 different patterns [Punk Knitters Soaker & Audrey Doodlepants]but then I adapted it to my own way.

Cute pants!!

These are great:thumbsup:! And the striping is so eye-catching. It’s going to be one stylish baby :cheering:!

Very, very cute!

Those pants look like they’d be really comfortable and they’re really cool looking! Good job! :cheering:

Very cute!!:happydance:

Very cute. Great colors

Cool! :slight_smile: Love the different textures too!

Beautiful work!!!:inlove:

Thank you all! :slight_smile:

They look great, that will certainl be one stylish baby. I love how the yarn has worked up, would love to make a pair.


Great job ! I am in the middle of Aubrey Doodlepants longies, but was wondering what pattern you used. I am using Lambs Pride Worsted in bright bright purple.

Love that funky striping!