FO: Long May She Live (Teeny Tiny Elephants)

I saw this pattern and realized it might be a nice gesture to bring such a little guy along to a birthday party: after all, elephants are a symbol of a long life :cheering: And don’t we wish for many more birthdays? :wink:

In the end I knitted 3 and made them hold a banner with the first line of a well known birthday song. This first line means as much as “Long May She Live”, which is exactly my wish.

I tried different ears for each elephant, and to be honest I don’t know which I like best. They’re all OK :cool: I did have some problem with hiding the thread from the trunk, but I realised I just had to knit around it while making the Icord instead of using a needle later.
The braid for the tail was easy to make, but the knot not so much. I tried different ways, which is why the pink elephant has the hairs sticking out like that :blush: In the end I figured the best way was to make a knot with just 1 thread from each of the 3 strands of the braid, and later using a (thin) needle to pull the other 3 through. This way the knot won’t become too big AND the threads will just be pointed backwards.

PS: I’m still avoiding to put together the TV Guy which I’ve knitted in parts

Those are adorable. I also see patterns like that I save it so I can use spare ends of fabric and the I never get around to any of them.

i love them! They’re a great idea and welcome guests at any party.

Adorable! I printed out the pattern. Great for using up odds and ends.

Very cute!

[COLOR=“Purple”]ADORABLE!!! Those would be cute hanging from a baby’s mobile![/COLOR]

These are sooooooo cute!
Thank God my daughter is in bed now and hasn’t seen these - yet.