Fo: log cabin seamless child's blanket

Pattern: Moderne Child’s size LOG CABIN blanket
Source: Mason-Dixon
Yarns: left over bits & orphaned skeins of acrylic, some as old as 9 years :eyes:

Click HERE to read all about this seamless blanket (and others) in our KH January Knitalong. Various links and details are supplied in the KAL.

Wow. That’s awesome! I love all the different colorways. Another fantastic project.

That is beautiful! :yay:

What a beautiful blanket, love the colors!

I’ve not even started, since knitting for kidlets has taken up my time, but Dollyce, you seem to have more time to knit than anyone else, and you do such beautiful work!

What a wonderful blanket ! I love the colour combo :slight_smile:

I agree - it’s beautiful!!

Beautiful:inlove: You’re fast:yay:

It’s beautiful and the colours are lovely,I’ll bet that used up a few balls of stash

:yay: it looks great!

I love it, love it, love it!

That is a cute blanket!!! Love the colors you put together!

Wow! :heart:

Beautiful job. The colors go together in a way I would never have expected them to.

Looks great! January, and already down on the Stash train :woohoo:

[I][B]I do.[/B][/I] All my kids are grown and raising their own little kidlets!
Your time will come! Enjoy those babies while you can! :wink:
One day you’ll wake up, and the last one is going down the aisle!

When they’re off to college…they usually come back, using the revolving door. When they get married, we un-install the revolving door and convert extra bedrooms into offices and studios! We have a hide-a-bed that will open up for 72 hours and then it snaps shut again! :roflhard:

Just gorgeous - as always!!

So pretty! :slight_smile: That teal border really draws all the different colors together.

I’m very tempted to try this one out myself, but I don’t think I’ll finish it in 10 days. :lol:

What, you mean you didn’t finish it in the first week of January???

Just kidding. :slight_smile: It looks beautiful.

That’s a lovely modern logcabin, Artlady. The colors look so pretty together. BTW, I’ve joined the stashbustin’ KAL over in the other thread. Thanks for the inspiration!

Welcome to the stashbustin’ KAL, dibbs! :muah: