FO - Llama wool purse

This project was an adventure from start to finish. It is entirely my own creation. Since I was a kid, I have wanted to have my own llamas, so I could use their wool. Well, I live in town, so I cant have llamas yet, but I found a local lady who had some fleeces for sale. So I bought three.

I also bought a drop spindle, and hand cards from her. This is my first spinning project. So I came home and started picking the wool clean, then I carded it. Then I spun two lengths of very chunky singles and plied them together. Then I wound it into a loose skein, washed it very carefully, and hung it to set the twist. It made a very fat yarn. At this point, I still didn’t know what it would be. So I cast on 25 sts on size 17 needles and started knitting. I didn’t have nearly as much yarn as I thought I did! As I was about to BO, I realized that at the current rate, I was surely going to run out. So I used a size 15 needle to do the BO with, and I had just enough ( a 1.5" tail left). Of course, that made a drawn up edge on that side. So I folded it in half, and said “look, a little purse.” At that point, I knew what it would be, but not how to seam it, as I had used up every bit of my hand spun yarn. Well, on the other end of the couch, my BF Brad is working on a chainmail project. At this point, he and I traded projects for critiquing / suggestions etc. I’m looking at his chain mail links going “Hmmmm” So I stole some of his stainless steel chainmail links and closed up the sides with those.

Then I sweet talked him into making a chainmail handle for my little purse. This is how his chain mail starts out.

So he spent a few days working on the handle, and even threaded the ribbons through the handle for me. They’re kinda hard to see in the pics, but look nice in person.

So here’s the finished product.

Long post, I know, but it was a long process. I will probably give the purse to my little sis for her birthday, as she loves purses. Also some special thanks to my chainmail guru, Brad, who helped with the hard parts.

that is awesome- I love the handles: the mix of the soft yarn and the metal hardware is very cool. MKZ (I am so NOT cool… :happydance: )

That’s really cool!

Sent you a PM…


That is a magnificent project, chere! :cheering: I bet you had a lot of fun doing the carding and spinning.

I breed llamas; and llama wool is my all-time favorite for knitting and spinning. FYI, I posted some pix here a while back of a llama sweater of mine.

I find llama to be the warmest of all fibers. Bet you could put a hot lunch in your purse and keep it warm! :teehee:

Please keep us posted re all of your llama experiences.

Again, [size=6]GREAT JOB![/size]