FO: Lizard & Turtle Mittens

Hey everyone! I designed these from Hello Yarn’s Generic Norwegian Mitten pattern. They’re for my best friend who has a master’s in zoology, and also keeps turtles and bearded dragons as her pets. Knitted with KP Size 3 Sock needles and KP Telemark in Curry and Pesto. Let me know what you think :smiley:

Those are beautiful! What a perfect and thoughtful gift!

OMG - those are awsome. Great colors, too.

Matching up a particular design with a particular recipient is the best. Impressive work!

:woot: wow!! She will love those

Those are awesome, very very good. She surely will love them

Great job Rachel, she’ll love them I’m sure!


Those are great!! She’s gonna LOVE them!

totally AWESOMEI want some

Rachel, those are really something! She is going to love them, and I bet they’ll be treasured for many years to come.

Those are fabulous!

those look awesome!!!

Those are absolutely gorgeous, I’m so jealous of your friend for having a friend like you!! I am also very much into herpetology, I wish I had such a thoughtful friend who knit that well!! (or a friend that knit at all…lol)

What a perfect gift for your friend! You did a wonderful job.


Well my page on ravelry has the charts that I drew up - you can knit them for yourself :knitting::thumbsup:

These are wonderful mittens! What a great gift for your friend.

Those are amazing!

They are just beautiful! I love the designs, the colors, everything about them! Great work! Your friend will be thrilled.

They look great!

Rachel, great job! What a nice friend you are–your friend is going to love them!!! Did they take long to do? I can see my sons totally digging these creatured mittens!