FO - Little Slip of a Thing

I knit this bag in about a day and a half…while riding in the car up to Virginia…a 13-14 hour trip, one way.

The pattern is free, located here.

I used Lamb’s Pride Worsted. The colors are Spruce and Dynamite Blue. This yarn is great! I’ve only used Noro Kureyon for felted bags, so this was a treat! It’s much softer than the Noro, but it did shed A LOT while knitting it up. It felts MUCH faster than the Noro, though…only one agitation cycle!

The pattern is very easy. I learned how to to do the color changes by taking one of Knittinmitchie’s online classes, located here, although I only participated in the first part of this class. I had to figure out how to do the i-cord bind-off on my own.

Here’s a picture of the inside of the bag…pre-felting…so you can see how the yarn looks carried over. You never break the yarn, even though it’s knit in the round. You just drop one color and use the other, slipping stitches along the way. The bag winds up being very thick, before you felt it! Very cool, indeed.

Here’s the i-cord bind-off…very pretty, I’ll say, and not too hard once you get it figured out. Luckily, I had my laptop and broadband card in the car, so I found this site, which helped me understand how to do this bind-off.

Thanks for looking! :muah:

Well done!

Very nice!! And thanks for the links to how you did it.

Beautiful! I love the colors you chose! Thanks for posting the links.

I’ve never done any felting before, but that one might actually make my list of “to-do’s”… it looks beautiful! :inlove:

Looks great, love the color combo!

i love it! and thank you for the clear explanations and photos…as a beginner, i truly appreciate learning from you folks.


beautiful! this is definately going in my to-do list!

I love it! It’s on my list, too!

I’m really impressed, what a great bag. It’s so nice that you get to knit while someone else drives.

How thick is the bag now that it’s felted, will you line it?

Hmmm…not sure to quite describe how thick it is. I will say that it’s thicker than my other bags are…the ones I used Noro for. It might not have anything to do with the yarn, though, but the pattern. The slip stitches give the bag a totally different feel.

As far as lining the bag, no, I won’t. I’ve never lined my bags, and they seem to work fine.

I’m bummed cause I wanted to use the purse today, but I’m wearing brown, and the purse won’t really match, although that’s never stopped me before. :teehee: I can’t wait to show it off!

It looks great!!! I love being able to make use of my time while riding in the car. Love your color combo - thanks for sharing the pattern!

So cute! I really like the colors you picked out!

Very nice!!! I love it!

Love it!!! I want to make one of those someday…someday…anyway, great job!

That is a totally FAB bag and THANK YOU for the education links! I’ve bookmarked them so I can find them when/if I ever need to know these.


Great job! And nice color combo. Thanks for the helpful links too!

It looks great!!

Great bag. too funny about wanting to show it off and accidentally wearing the wrong color to do it. I say do it anyway and make a nice brown one to match the outfit for next time. LOL

I am jealous you can knit in the car. I get horribley car sick if I try to do anything in the car. All the time wasted in college on the bus I would try to read or do something and poof, sick.