FO - Little Slip of a Thing

I just finished up the Little Slip of A Thing bag from Knitty. The pattern was written by KH’s own go get your smock (from here).

I wanted a bigger bag to lug around all my stuff (and other people’s stuff :wink: ) when out and about.

I doubled the size of the bag and used Manos in 2 different colors. I also added a second i-cord handle so that I could have a lot of weight in the bag. I also used smaller needles - US 11 Options & US 13 Options on a 24" cable instead of US 13 & 15 sizes.

I did line the bag with fabric & interfacing so grommets wouldn’t fit :wall: so I just stitched around the holes for the handles and that worked fine!

This was a great pattern - a very easy way to do colorwork and very easy to alter the size even if you hate math like I do! I just wish I could have gotten the felting and blocking right to line up the squares - the Manos is thick and thin and it felted oddly which explains the problem but I still love how it looks!

Very cool SJ.


very nice, I like it

:cheering: :cheering: YAAH
Good JOb

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

You’re the best at tweaking things to how you want them!! :happydance:

Wonderful job and just adorable! I lovvvveeeee handbags and I love this one!

I think you’ll have strangers on the street asking for one! Great job!

That’s a pretty bag, Sara!

:muah: Thanks everyone!!!

love it–that’s cute!