FO: little red riding hood baby poncho

This was knit in Red Heart acrylic - meant to be a test piece so if it turned out good, I’d make some in soft wool for A4A.

Got the pattern from Creative Knitting mag (I think!)

A4A? :?? That came out really cute!

That is adorable! :heart:

Thanks!! A4A = afghans for Afghans!

Thanks!! A4A = afghans for Afghans![/quote]

that’s so clever :cheering:

Anyway, that looks adorable. Whaat are you going to do with it?

Thanks!! A4A = afghans for Afghans![/quote]

:doh: Good acronym and it’s easier to type. :teehee:

I’ve knit some hats so far for them, but haven’t done anything else yet. I want to make some sweaters, but can’t afford expensive wool… too bad WOTA pills like a sonofagun. :wall:

When I was in college, I sang the part of Little Red Riding Hood in a children’s opera. I WISH I HAD HAD THAT CAPE! TOOOO CUTE!

That is so cute!

thanks everyone! I’m in fact starting ANOTHER one - but in blue.

Dream, I’m sending it to my niece who’s having her first baby (girl) any minute now.

Jan, wow, I haven’t realised that WOTA pills - a lot of my charity knitting was done in WOTA.

Oh, that’s so cute! :heart:

I love it! :heart: Any little girl would love that!

That is really adorable!! DO you know if the magazine was from this year? I’d love to make this for my dd (she’s 6). In the first grade, they do this kind of Dr.Seuss play thing where all the children have to dress as a storybook character. I think my dd would look darling as Little Red Riding Hood. I’ll be scouring my mags anyway today because I need to find a pattern for longies LOL