FO: Little Knight newborn purple hat

Yep, still designing newborn hats, still for Period of Purple Crying.

This one is for boys, and its working name is Little Knight (other suggestions welcome). The twisted ribbing makes it stretchy, and the doll’s head is smaller than that of a regular newborn.

Would you guess that it’s a helmet or it’s not that obvious? Is it a good name? Is it a good idea? By now you should know all my designer’s insecurities. Go ahead, you can bill me later :slight_smile:

But, seriously, thank you for letting me run ideas by you. It helps a lot.

I do like the name! It does kind of look like a helmet! Great job!

I like it. I like it a lot! Looks like a helmet to me.

Oh, this is adorable. Love the helmet! Love the name!

You GO, girl!

Thanks! Also, it looks a bit like Pope’s Mitre on the second picture but it’s due to wrong proportions :slight_smile:

Great little hat!:heart: Love the name too!

It’s an ingenious design with great shaping. I love the color and the name. Well done!

I like this shade of purple a lot. IMO, it’s gender neutral! Nice design! Not run of the mill by any means!