FO Little Kitty

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I knitted this yesterday, if I wasn’t distracted by watching TV, it probably would have been done a lot quicker than the few hours it took me, heh. Oh, the size is a little bigger than my hand.

I got the pattern from I started off with a little bit of string I aquired, and obviously didn’t have enough of. I’ll knit the next one all in one color, heh. I didn’t have any batting on hand to stuff it with, so I found an old thin burp cloth I have no more use for, and cut it up to stuff inside. Worked well, I think! Even my husband said he thought it was adorable. I think this is going to be my new new-baby gift.:cheering:[/COLOR]

Awww its so cute! :slight_smile:

What a cute kitty!

I adore the kitty! The two colors is really spiffy… I thought it was done on purpose. :slight_smile:

Shoot! now I have to make that!:heart:

adorable! it looks like it’s supposed to be a siamese cat.

Oh, you’re right! Then in that case, I did it on purpose! chuckle

really really cute!