FO - Little Green Sweater

I’m limited to just knitting with stash these days. And I literally had just enough yarn to make this:

After seaming, I probably had about 2 yards of yarn left over. :woohoo:Of course, I could have added more colors, but I didn’t plan for that; I threw caution to the wind and said, “I think I have enough.” phew It would have looked really odd to have slapdash multi-colors. :teehee:

It came out cute!

wow that was lucky its so good 2 yay!

Looks nice and warm! Isn’t it great when you have just enough? So satisfying!

It looks great. The suspense would have kept me up nights.

It looks lovely . It sometimes amazes me what we can do with out stash .

It’s a cute looking sweater.

It looks great!

What a great color! Glad you had enough :cheering:

The sweater looks wonderful! So glad you had enough yarn, all that work… :woohoo:

Great job!! Very cute :thumbsup:


Wow! awesome you had just enough. Looks great!

Risky, but it turned out great!

it’s very cute–and my fav. color! Good job!

Perfect!!:cheering: It feels so good to use that stash up. And not wasting a bit is always the object. I bet you were sweating a bit as the last skein began to dwindle, but felt triumphant when you won the gamble. :thumbsup: Cute FO as well. :lol:

That looks great! :cheering:

:thumbsup: NICE!

I tried that, but I ran out of yarn. boo hoo. And, I cant find the same yarn. I bought it at Mejer’s, it was Big Fat chunky red and black, I think it was Jiffy brand?

Anyway, looks like I’ll have to rip it apart and knit something smaller. I will look at one more Mejer’s and see if they have it.

But, GREAT JOB on the little green sweater! Cute.

Yes, yes, I was pretty much sweating bullets. When it came time to do the sleeves, I did them both at the same time so if I had to add another color, at least they would be even. Hehehe… :teehee:

I don’t think I could have been able to stand the worry!!

Nice job, I love the color.