FO: Little Button Loafers (Updated with 1 button strap version)

This is the 1 button strap version of the loafers from the same pattern. You can see more pictures here.

First FO of 2009! They’re easy to make and super cute!

Details and more pictures in blog post.

Those are really cute! You did a wonderful job and I like the colors :yay: I wish I knew how to crochet. I would love to make some as soon as I can use my arms again. I wonder if the pattern comes in childern sizes also?

Those are just too cute! :heart:

Thanks! The whole forum looks really funky to me now so I can’t find the edit button to edit my post to include more information.

If anyone’s interested to know, the pattern is available from Sylver Designs and the yarn used is Rowan All Seasons Cotton.

Indygirl, I’m afraid not. The pattern only comes in newborn, 3 months, 6 months and 9 months sizes.

Lissie, those are so sweet. Think I’ll make a pair or two just to have around as gifts.

Thanks for the link!

These are just precious and you’ve done an incredible job on them!!! Your stitches are so uniform and look great!

Those are adorable

too cute~ :inlove:

Those came out awesome!
I love sylver’s patterns!


those are adorable!

Those are super cute! Congratulations on a wonderful project! :slight_smile:

[SIZE=4][I]You did a great job…they are so cute!

I’ve added the 1 button strap version in the first post.

Super! I was so busy looking at your wonderful stitches, didn’t even notice the 2 button! Great feature!!!