FO - Linoleum Dishcloth

That is really unique! Pretty colors too. will def have to check out the pattern. I think your colors are much nicer than the example on the link! thanks for sharing!

Very cool! :thumbsup:

I THOUGHT I had the math correct for a bath mat, but no, it’s way off. The problem is how many stitches to cast on, leaving off stitches on the ends. Is it possible that a pattern like this won’t lend itself to being increased? :??

So, decided to make like a frog, and rippit, make a dishcloth first. Not a knitted dishcloth fan, but think it’s the only way. Tomorrow is another day.

Should you be able to just double or triple the CO number, Deb? :think:

Thanks for the great pattern. I’ll have to give this one a try too.

Well, I can’t promise you that my math and pattern stitch counting skills are flawless enough to trust that calculation without a test knit. Oh, the selvage edge would account for why you cant just double the CO. Try CO minus 2 and then multiply the resulting smaller number by 2 or 3 and don’t forget to add 2 back in at the end.

So much for counting skills. :roll: I just took a look at the pattern and there are three selvage stitches (Each row begins with one and ends with two). It takes an odd number of stitches for the linen stitch and the diamond pattern does repeat over ten stitches.

:think: Try any multiple of 10 + 3 sts that gets close to your desired measured width or length.

Then again it is late night and I am tired. I apologize for the “hit and run” knitting pattern diagnostics. (YMMV) Crossed Fingers

P.S. The answer to my previous question is: “No, it is not the linen stitch.” I just looks remarkably like it and yet I now see the differences too. Yes, I must be really tired.

Good night all (or good morning to those on the other side of the globe).

I’ve been working on a blanket and my time to complete it is coming due.


Thanks for the link! I love this, very pretty!

Haha Jack! :lol: I forgot about the edge stitches. I haven’t started this yet, just had some other things to do. Soon though!


I recently had the same thought about making the dishcloth into a bath mat! Did you ever figure out the math? I’m having a bit of trouble doubling the pattern. Thanks in advance for any guidance you could provide!

I’m glad someone revived this thread - I had not seen it before. This looks like a great pattern to do in red & green for Christmas! Nice, little hostess gifts, eh??