FO - Linoleum Dishcloth

Here’s a fast project I started and completed while watching TV last night.

It’s the Linoleum Dishcloth.


This is a free pattern, located here.

It looks difficult, but it really isn’t! The slip stitches make it look like you’re carrying different colors of yarn across, when in actuality, you’re not! However, by carrying one yarn across your slipped stitches, you get a very thick cloth!


I used size 6 needles and Peaches 'n Cream yarn (Yellow, Cornflower, and Soft Teal).


I will DEFINITELY be making more of these!

Thanks for looking!

Wow, that’s a pretty one! Thanks for the link!

That is really cool!! I’m off to check out the pattern now!! Thanks for the link!

That is really unique! Pretty colors too. will def have to check out the pattern. I think your colors are much nicer than the example on the link! thanks for sharing!

Oh, now you’re making me blush! I think my next one will be hot pink, bright green, and something else…haven’t decided the third color yet. You can really change things up simply by changing which colors are A, B, and C. It’s a very versatile pattern!

Love it! Always looking for new dish cloth patterns. Glad you posted this one. Looks great

Really like the way this one looks, and the thicker the better, IMHO.

Thanks for the link~~~~

ETA: After reading the pattern I have a question for you, do you think this would make a good bath mat, either sewing squares together or enlarging the pattern? I really like the way it looks, and we’re using an old towel since our 15 y.o. puppy is using our bath mat as her fourth or fifth bed around the house.

Oooh, I really like that one Nathalie! Thanks so much for posting the link!! I agree - your’s is much prettier!!

How about orange for the 3rd color in the other one? I think of bright, cheery dahlias when you mention the other 2 colors :slight_smile:

Yes! That’s a terrific idea!! I would just add more stitches rather than trying to seam squares together. Ahhh…I love the way knitters think!! :thumbsup:

It’s a great color combination. Thanks for the pattern link. You are such an enabler! Off to check stash…

I hadn’t thought of that, but great idea!!:think:

Very nice! Just love it! Thanks for linking us, too!

[color="#330099"]From the stitch appearance and your description it sounds like a linen stitch. I that what the pattern used?[/COLOR]

Honestly, I have no idea! I just knit 'em as they’re written! :teehee:

Ooo, I really like that, and the colors you chose are so pretty!

Ooh, very pretty! I’m also digging the bath mat idea :thumbsup:

that’s soo pretty. I’m so glad I found this site it’s been extremely helpful and very good at giving ideas of things that I can make to build up my ability as a knitter. this is being added to my list.


I bought some yarn for it so now I can try it!

Yay! I can’t wait to see your’s!