FO: Lime and Chocolate Baby Set

Recently, I was at a doctor’s appointment, and the receptionist heard me say that I’m a knitter. She immediately asked if I could knit a blanket and hat for her to use as a baby gift.

I agreed. She asked for it to be made with lime and chocolate yarns.

I’m making it up as I go, just making squares to be seamed together. The center square is the free “Ballband” pattern. The rest of the squares will be solids. I’ll make a simple hat with the ballband design at the brim.

That’s really cool…but it doesn’t look anything like lime on my computer. Looks more goldenrod. :??

It’s more “limey” in person. It’s Bernat Baby Sport in “Kiwi”.

My camera has trouble translating greens. Such a pain.
Here’s a color image I found online that shows the color better:

The same thing happened when I made a green project for the Bernat Blog. They had to get their art department to add green to all my photos for those posts. :roll:

Ahhh now I see in that sample. You may have to adjust the white balance. If you’re taking it in incandescent light it makes things look yellower. That’s normal with any camera.

Gonna be very pretty! I’m seeing gold too though.

Neat! Great idea with adding the ballband pattern - should look really cute on the hat!

Looking great! Gold and brown! (yes, it looks gold on my screen, too!)

Let me ask you, how did you arrive at a price for the knitting? Or is it a freebie?

That’s so cute! I love the ballband center square - very creative! It’s kind of freaky though - cause it looks like such a pretty yellow on my screen - and I was all set to see the choco-lime combo :cool:

mine too

Maybe I’ll be able to get a better photo in the sunlight tomorrow. I’ll give it a try!

I told her it would be $20, because I knew I would be able to get the yarn for a great price. I’m hoping that I will get more clients through her referral. I will charge more for those clients. I’m just using this project to get known as a knitter for hire.

Yeah. My silly camera has trouble with greens. It’s definitely a lime-green yarn. More like this:

Seaming the blanket tonight! :woohoo:

And made a matching hat yesterday. :slight_smile:

STILL can’t get the greens to come through with my camera. Bummer. :verysad:

Yay! :cheering: :woohoo: :cheering:
I actually FINISHED the Lime and Chocolate Baby Blanket and Hat!

Wow! That’s a handsome blanket and hat in any color!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


Nice work, Sandy!

Thank you, Judy! :slight_smile:
It’s for a baby boy, so I was leaning toward the “bricks” look of that ballband design. I’m glad I went with it. :thumbsup:

Originally, I was going to make the entire blanket with that design, but decided to make squares of alternating colors instead.

Thanks Jan! :slight_smile:

the blanket turned out awesome just a ? what kind of seaming did you do since my next big project is a blanket with tons of seaming and yours looks great

Fantastic looking set!!! You did a wonderful job on it! I am sure the Mommy will be thrilled with this project. Keep up the great work!

Adorable Sandy! The matching hat is such a cute touch :thumbsup:

Thanks for the compliments, my friends! :muah:

I did my seaming with a few different steps.

1 - I did a single crochet border around each square in the same color as the square.
2 - I did another single crochet border around each square in the color I would be using for seaming.
3 - I used a length of yarn and a yarn needle and did a back and forth seam (similar to mattress stitch), taking the yarn up through both threads of each crochet stitch on each side of the seam.

(The yarn always went from the inside to the outside with each seaming stitch)

I don’t know if there is a name for that stitch, but I came up with it by myself one day. I like the way it looks.

Sandy, does that seam put the two pieces side by side, close together, or does it make a seam that goes to the other side … like mattress stitch ? PS … it is really cute! and so beautifully knit :slight_smile: