FO: Lilac sweater done and featured on a model :)


This is how it turned out. It was supposed to be straight that’s why the ribbing is almost decorative. The actual colour is best shown on the first picture.

Haha, I thanked you on accident, but thanks for showing us your very beautiful work. It’s almost as beautiful as the model. :slight_smile:

The model is almost cuter than the sweater! :slight_smile: I love purple and love this adorable little girl’s sweater.

Aww she’s adorable! That’s really pretty sweater!

totally adorable!!!

Just perfect, model and sweater! I love the details on the sweater. Thanks very much for the pictures.

What an adorable sweater and little girl!!! Great job!

Thank you!

Model is just too cute,…she definately highlights the sweater’s adorablility Great job on the sweater! Beautiful details! Love the contrasting neckline and flowers! :slight_smile:

Absolute perfection! You did a great job! The technical aspects are spot-on…the color choice is wonderful!

This looks so perfect on this little girl, (BTW she is so precious and I love her strawberry blonde hair) good fit, style and color for her. I love your embellishments. Very feminine and simple. :muah:

This is such a stunning sweater… love how you added the stems and flowers… they draw the eye up to your daughter’s beautiful little face. She is a darling and I bet she just loves this sweater.

Lovely little girl! Lovely sweater. It’s a work of art. You are amazing.

So precious, would be adorable on my granddaughter. What is the pattern?

Thanks! It was a while since I posted these. It’s kind of funny, I use this sweater as a reference for making another one right that moment. And yes, it is worn out :slight_smile:

Well, I wish I could share the pattern but I didn’t right it down and the gauge is so loose (as I understand now) that I woudn’t bother to recreate it either.

If all goes well, I would be able to share something soon :slight_smile: As a little spoiler, one sweater has a dinosaur and another has sheep :slight_smile:

It is really cute and love the color

OMG that is so cute! Great model too! :slight_smile:

Wow! Lots of Olha’s old posts are getting new attention. It’s gotta be because you do such great work, make such cute outfits, and have such adorable models!!!

High quality always gets noticed, but, of course, [B]everything[/B] I’ve seen on this site has been high quality–even the beginner stuff, so it’s interesting that your old posts are popping up so much. Must be folks looking for children’s clothing, I guess!!!

At any rate, it’s fun to revisit these projects! They’re so trendy–and tiny!!

P.S. Just came back to edit this post because I realized I never commented on this adorable sweater (how could I have missed saying I LOVE IT?). You obviously did something right if it’s now worn plumb out! Can’t wait to see the next creations: (Dinosaurs chowing down on sheep–how cool is that!!! Oh wait! You mean that’s [I]not[/I] what it’s going to be?)

So very pretty, sweater and model! :cheering:

LOL, no, it is not :slight_smile: Dinosaur is overseeing the sunset over the mountains and 3 sheep behind the fence are lying down, eating and staring respectively. On two different sweaters :slight_smile: