FO- Lilac Hearts

Finally got this baby finished! :woohoo: Thanks to Nobones for the wonderful gift of the lilac crochet thread… Hope y’all like it! :mrgreen:

[quote=mwhite;1162149]Finally got this baby finished! :woohoo: Thanks to Nobones for the wonderful gift of the lilac crochet thread… Hope y’all like it! :mrgreen:


Oh My Gosh! Absolutely stunning Mary :slight_smile: I love it .

Can i ask what pattern that is and what size needles and thread you are using . I have never done anything like this and everytime i look at your work i want to try .:slight_smile:

Wow that is so beautiful…how long did it take to make it?

You certainly may! This is my very own pattern, on my blog and published in Patternfish, Ravelry and Etsy!

[B][U]Valentine Design Pattern[/U][/B]

I used size 1(US) 2.25mm for this one and Empress Crochet Cotton, took 1200 yards or 3 balls.

I need to add that the pattern can be done with any size needle and any size/type fiber.

It’s adjustable for the size you need!

Thanks… I started this back in August after Nobones sent me a ball of the Empress Crochet cotton. After I started, decided to make it larger and ordered 2 more balls from Texere in UK, which took about 3 weeks to deliver. In the middle of it, decided to design and produce the pattern into a full version, suitable for a tablecloth, shawl or blanket. A lady in Texas kindly test knitted it into a shawl for me… hers only took about 2 weeks to do.

Mary, that is stunning. Fantastic work.

Just gorgeous, Mary! :thumbsup:

:notworthy: [FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“6”][I][U][COLOR=“Indigo”]WOW…:notworthy: [/COLOR][/U][/I][/SIZE][/FONT]

That’s all I got…I seem to be speechless!

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WOW that is just STUNNING!!! Your work is AMAZING!!! I love the pattern, I love the yarn I love everything. I am in AWE!!!

WOW! :passedout:

You do beautiful work it is amazing.:cheering:

That is beautiful. I love it. It must have taken a while to complete. :thumbsup:

Love Love it!!

Mary, every time you post one of your new masterpieces my jaw drops. They are so lovely!

What you can do with tiny thread and size one needles is amazing!

BTW, I’ve tried to open your blog several times today, and it never works. Is there some other way to access it besides the link in your signature line?

Absolutely incredible. I can’t even imagine tackling a project like that. Congrats on a beautiful FO!

Hmmmm, wonder what’s up with that? Here’s the link:

Thank you all, for the wonderful comments! It does take alot of “Stick-to-it-tiveness” to do these but well worth it and not that difficult. I think that anyone can do them!

:inlove: stunning!!

HOLY MOLY that must have been a lot of work. it looks great.

That’s incredible!