FO: Liesel

[B]Pattern : [/B]Liesel
[B]Yarn :[/B] Bernat Natural Blends : Soy
[B]Colour : [/B]Tidal
[B]Skeins : [/B]Two
[B]Comments : [/B]Beautiful pattern and yarn. The yarn is very soft, and blocks perfectly. It was fairly knotted however, and I spent a great deal of time untangling. Other than that I just wish they offered more colours, because the yarn is wonderful. I found the pattern to be fairly challenging, good choice for my second lace project [SIZE=1](Argosy was wonderful for first time lace) [/SIZE]I did not find the pattern easy to memorize, and kept my pattern close by at all times, but it kept my attention and focus. I did have issues with frogging, and learned the wonders of a life line as well as how to read lace stitches… not easy with all those yo, ssk, k2tog etc, etc… I wish I had stuck with my original plan of knitting in two seperate pieces and grafting them together, [SIZE=1](not sure why I didn’t :doh:)[/SIZE] because the bind off edge is very straight and not quite as interesting as the cast on edge. I am mildly tempted to rip back to the middle and knit the 2nd half seperately, but not right now. I am just a little bit sick of lace right now. [SIZE=1](I’m all about cables at the moment:teehee:)[/SIZE]

Very pretty! Looks like fun pattern.

that is just gorgeous exactly as it is. i love it, good job!

That is just gorgeous!!! love it

Very pretty!


Very pretty . I love the colour too:)

It’s so pretty! I just love that pattern.

Well done!

Beautiful knitting! What a perfect color for that lovely pattern.

Very pretty!

That is gorgeous! I love the color too :heart:

:inlove: very pretty!!