FO legwarmers :)

Made some legwarmers for my cousin :smiley: my first time knitting in the round and cabling. They’re not perfect, spacing between cables isn’t even… and a little plain between the cables but my cousin is the least fussy person. Took me a while to make these but I learnt a lot in the process.

Those look great…I guess my eye isn’t “trained” I couldn’t see where anything looked off.

Lovely pattern and color! They look perfect.

Great knitting! I feel warm and cozy just from seeing the picture cloud9

They look great to me. If close up you see uneven stitches try washing and blocking them and the stitches will look more even. Very nice present.

Great job! What a nice gift! They look so soft and warm!

ty all for your responses!!

PamJ - don’t know if you can see from the pic but the wool was intertwined with gold metallic strippy thing

Karina- ahh yes, I almost forgot about washing, not so sure about blocking, need to read up on it!

I like them . I love the detail you have used :slight_smile:

They look positively absolutely wonderful!

Hey, those look great!! The other day I was telling DH I needed some ankle warmers. Not the whole leg, just around the ankle. They have wristers, they ought to have anklers. LOL I’ll have to invent some for myself.

Yours will do the whole job! Nice color too. I’m sure you learned a lot all right. Great project.