*FO* Legwarmers... FINALLY!

Ok I have been working on these things forever it seems. Only because I wouldn’t work on them for days at time. I am sure I could have had them done quicker.

These are for my 70 yr old G-ma who is now in a nursing home. She is always cold and complains they keep it downright frigid in there :roflhard: So I made her legwarmers and my mom made her a fleece house coat.

So here they are. I got the pattern here:


I didn’t do the stripes… and didn’t quite make them as long as she did :??

I can’t remember the yarn :oops: its very inexpensive yarn I got at Walmart on size 8 needles done in k2p2 pattern.

[size=2]oh yeah… and the one on my left leg is like an inch too short… trying to convince myself to fix it [/size]:rollseyes:

That’s a great idea for your Granny! Will she start doing Flashdance moves now? :wink:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

I don’t know if she even knows what that means! :roflhard:

What a great idea! I bet she will love them! Loving the Buzz Lightyear sneaking in the pic. :lol: I have a 2 year old currently in awe of Buzz.

:thumbsup: Nice work!

[color=darkgreen]Nice yarn!
Nice knitting!!
Extra special nice Grand daughter!!![/color]

[size=2][color=gray]Is that Buzz Light Year at your feet? [/color][/size]

What a thoughtful gift!! :cheering: Beautiful work!

They look wonderful, and what a sweet gift for your grandmother! :heart: :heart:

You need to knit her some matching wristwarmers now :wink:

Those are great!! My grandmother always complains about how cold it is in her nursing home, too- even though she’s in a private room with the heat turned up to 80! I guess that internal thermostat doesn’t work the same when you are 90! I’m sure your grandmother will love them. :thumbsup:

That’s an awesome gift!! Love the colors too! :thumbsup:

Thanks everyone!

I doubt she will realize they are from “ME” but I know she will love them. She loves leg warmers but they are not really available anymore.


Gma is gonna love them.

Those are really nice! I love the way your name blinks/looks!

Hi, I opened the extreme site for legwarmers does it matter what type of yarn is used? It doesn’t give you a gauge so I’m confused. The gauge just might me 5sts to an inch then how many sts to cast on 50 or 40 or 60 it’s getting confusing. I just want something fast and easy to knit before Christmas.
Thank you

Those are nice, now grandma is styling! : )
I’m going to knit me some of those for the winter, I can’t stand the cold! brrrrr…

:blooby: They look great!!!

What a great gift! I’m sure they will be appreciated.

I would have sent you a pm, but, can’t. Why does it say “banned” undr
your name?

any more legwarmer patterns that use only straight needles?

I am having a hard time with a legwrmr patt that uses dpn and circulars.