FO - Lee Dress

I got some help with this pattern too, and wanted to post a pic. My daughter loves this dress, but for some reason, this is the only picture I have. I made it a size bigger so it would fit longer, so I added a tie at the back to take it in a bit. Disregard the dinosaur pj’s underneath :teehee:

This is the pattern Lee Dress and Purse

I made it using Bernat CottonTots. The buttons/buttonholes didn’t come out quite right, but nobody who’s seen her wear it have even noticed they’re not perfect, so I try to ignore it…

Your daughter and the dress are very cute. Love the pattern.

Not perfect is more perfect than perfect.

Oh how cute is that!!! and she’s a cutie pie too!!! Nice work on both :thumbsup:

That is beautiful! Beautiful daughter too!

aww she is a cutie and I love the dress!! :yay:

She’s adorable and the dress is cute too!

Quite nice, both of them! :teehee:

Boy, she is stylin’ between her new sweater and her beautiful new dress! I have only grandsons to knit for and would love to have a little girl to make something for.

Beautiful dress and model! :yay:

Adorable…and the dress is pretty too! :muah:

Thanks to everyone!