FO: Leafy Lace Cardigan

This is my latest FO, and my first self-designed cardi. The yarn is Rowan Cotton Glace frogged from an unworn project I made several years ago, and the stitch is called leafy lace.

Thanks for looking. :lol:

Thats beautiful!!! I love the color.

Looks wonderful.

:passedout:very, very pretty :heart: I love the design ande it fits beautifully - congratulations!

I love the design:heart: and color.

Wowza–that’s beautiful! And, look how it fits your beautiful bod!!

Wow…that is beautiful!:inlove:

That looks great! And, it fits perfectly!

Well no-one likes frogging, but when you get a result like that it’s got to be worth it - that’s a gorgeous cardi, and what a clever knitter! I can’t even imagine being able to design something like that - looks lovely on you too, even with no head…:cheering:

You did a wonderful job in designing and knitting of it. It’s just beautiful. You should be very proud.:cheering: When will we see it published? It should be!!!

I can only echo previous comments. A beautifully made and tailored item. Suits you perfectly! :cheering:

So pretty!

Great design! Fits great and shows your waist very nicely :thumbsup:

Wow. I :muah:it! More amazing is that it’s your [I]first[/I] self designed project!! Excellent job.

Thank you very much for the wonderful comments, everyone. :muah:

I have no plans to publish the pattern, Quiltlady, but will type it up this week - to the best of my ability :oo: - and would be happy to send a copy to you, or to anyone else who is interested.

Thanks again. :lol:

Thank you. :hug: I’ve designed a few tops in the past, but this was my first cardigan. :lol:

I missed that part…you designed that yourself!?! Incredible! I’d love a copy too. :hug:

I’ll take a copy! My aunt likes the design.

wow that’s beautiful, and it looks perfect on you.

Me me me! I LOVE your design and it is a beautiful sweater. Please send the pattern when you get it typed up! Kudos to you…I could never design something like that!