FO - Last Minute Purl Beret

This is the Last Minute Purled Beret but I prefer teh knit side out so that is how I am wearing it. :slight_smile: My son is modeling it for me. :aww:

Very nice work and your son is adorable.

looks great, love the stripes

I love it !! What a cute model too :slight_smile:

He’s very cute! Was he happy modeling a ‘girl’s hat’?

I like the stripes, and like you, would probably wear the knit side out. Great beret.

Very pretty! I love the colors. What yarn did you use?

He was fine modeling it since it was blue not pink. He got irritated because I kept moving him. :wink:

I used’ Teseo in Denim Bliss #44146 and it was wonderful to knit with. I only had 1 ball and it wasn’t enough so I trekked over to the LYS (after calling all 8 of them near me and no one having this yarn and/or color) and brought my hat with me to match it up to another yarn. I found one in Mirasol Miski 100% Baby Llama in a Heather Blue. That is the solid blue at the back - it is divine to knit with and I will definitely use it for another project!!

It looks wonderful!

I love it!! And I just touched that Mirasol yarn at my LYS yesterday and it was lovely!

Great job. Love the hat & also the color combo of stripes.
Your Son is a cutie too.

That looks very nice. :thumbsup:

Oh, I love it! Great colours, and that Mirasol yarn is incredible, isn’t it? I’ve been coveting it since I felt it at a yarn store a few weeks ago. Your son looks adorable in it too!

sooo pretty!

:woot: I love it!! This is the beret I gotta fix cause I some how made it way to small :teehee:

I didn’t make the stripes, it’s how the Teseo yarn was. I really like it though. :slight_smile:

Beautiful beret! What a great model you’ve found:teehee:

That looks nice and warm. Love your model!

what a lovely hat! great match for finishing it up too!