Fo: lara for lauralee!

[B]SOURCE: [/B]Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk Collection
[B]YARN: [/B]15 sk Debbie Bliss “SOHO”
[B]COLOR:[/B] 37503 (olive, grey, cream, rose, blue)

This sweater is a STASH BUSTER! I’ve had this yarn for years!
An impulsive Ebay purchase. Oy! Why do I do that to myself?? :doh:

Knit all in one piece, basically cuff-to-cuff.
A lot of Rav knitters have made it repeatedly, and find the unusual construction to be fun and easy. Not so with me.
I don’t much like unusual sweater construction. I muddled through this pattern like a blind person acting on faith alone.
I knit this pattern about 4 years ago, and still bumbled along on this 2nd Lara!

I prefer conventional 4-5 piece sweater construction, with seaming.
It was a pain to block this sweater, too.

[B]MY ONLY MODIFICATION:[/B] made a garter ridge border all along what would turn out to be the bottommost edge. It won’t roll up with this border. I kinda like it. Rather jackety looking. Crocheted edges just don’t cut it IMHO. And are usually ineffective at preventing the “stocking stitch roll”.


I didn’t have enough space to lay the entire thing out single layer…so had to block it like this. It took a long time to completely dry. Fortunately, our hometown area had 103 degress temps while I was in the mountains for a week. I had left LARA to dry for the week.

[B]I think it will look fantastic with her green eyes, don’t you?

MODEL SWEATER[/B] in the book:

looks fabulous as always. i gotta say i prefer minimal seaming on my pieces (like the shrug i just finished)

Well for all your bumbling along, it turned out beautiful! LOVE that yarn too!!!

It’s beautiful!

It’s beautiful! You’d rather seam?? :zombie:

Oooh, I love it!! Gorgeous yarn colors for a gorgeous girl – she’ll look beautiful in it. The construction of this sweater is intriguing to me. I think I’ll have to try this one. Thanks!

Beautiful sweater and she will look lovely in it, though I have a feeling she looks lovely in whatever she wears. :inlove:

I am always looking for patterns in one piece construction. I’m not much on seaming unless it’s on my sewing machine. :teehee:


Well, it’s not so much the seaming I love…rather, it’s knitting the 5 pieces separately, and blocking them separately. “All in one piece” is an unmanageable nightmare from which I can’t wait to extricate myself! :teehee:

Mattress seaming is very easy. It takes time, but it is such a wonderful way to put pieces together! The perfection it turns out is incredible! Some seams are almost invisible. I really take pride in my seams.

I didn’t always know how to do the mattress seam. Before that, seaming was a horrid experience. No matter how much I tried, the ‘outside’ view of the seam was awful. I had to seam something 10 times to get it right.

Mattress seaming, being done with the RS facing, is perfect the first go-around. The only tricky part is the beginning. To get the two edges to be perfectly even and aligned.

I’ve done a little mattress seaming and it was okay, but I had a lot of trouble on the sleeves. I like seamless and since I don’t use blockable yarns usually it’s not a problem for me anyway. :wink:

Gr8 jobs…Its superbbbbbbbb n neatly done … u shud be proud of it

This sweater would be adorable on you, Slim! I can see you wearing it! It has a nice fit, and is actually fitted through the waist, too!

I should say, it is knit all in one piece, however, you seam up the sides and sleeves when it’s all knit up into a huge jigsaw puzzle piece with the arms, fronts, and back all going every which way!

You know…that lonnng seam that starts at the bottom edge of the sides, works its way up to the armpits, then turns the corner and travels down the sleeve to the cuffs! E-Z-P-Z.

Well, for all your aggravation, it sure came out fantastic and looks lovely on! I like what you did with the garter st at the bottom - I agree, it does look more “jackety” (lol, making up words…)

beautiful! (as always)

absolutely gorgeous!!!

I wish that i could bumble along like you :slight_smile: Brilliant as always :slight_smile:

I like it – looks like it fits very well. Simple lines, even though it didn’t sound simple to make. Good for you!



It is a beautiful sweater and, as always, you did a beautiful job. However, I don’t understand how the collar works. In the first picture of the blocking, the collar is laying like a shawl collar which is also how it looks in the pictures where it is worn. But in the second blocking picture (above), it looks like a turtleneck. What kind of magic did you work to do this? Or am I just not looking at this right?

Here is another view of the sweater, all laid out to block/dry.
See the red lines and blue lines I’ve added?

Here is a cropped view of the area you think is a turtleneck.
(it isn’t).

Here is what you do with the raw edges depicted in red and in blue:

  1. seam the [COLOR=Red][B]RED [/B][/COLOR]edges together, [I]and then…[/I]
  2. seam the now longer [B][COLOR=Blue]BLUE[/COLOR][/B] edge to the neck edge of the BACK

I know it is a crazy construction and finishing process…but it is what it is!
Like I said, I bumbled my way along on faith alone, like walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night! A dark, moonless kind of night!

I should REALLY REALLY make myself a LARA while I have my mojo goin’!

What a gorgeous sweater :inlove: The model and her green eyes are beautiful, too! It looks great on her!


It’s beautiful, as always. I envy your family :wink: