FO - Lapghan & Golf Club Covers

Here is the lapghan I did for my Grandma:

This was the “Abundance Afghan” pattern done on size 19 needles with Knit Picks Suri Dream, and it is definitely dreamy!! This yarn is so soft and cuddly! I can’t wait to make one for myself!!
These are the golf club covers I did for my Dad:

I did these on size 6 & 8 needles with Red Heart yarn. Too bad I found out that my Dad doesn’t golf anymore!! What a bummer!

Good job! That lapghan really looks snuggly. I bet she enjoys it!
Maybe your dad will take up golfing again after seeing those fantastic club covers!!!

aw! Bummer dad! He’s missing out…the lapghan looks great! I need one right now!

I love your lapghan, beautiful colors! And the golf club covers are so cool…you could probably sell them on E Bay if you can’t find someone who wants them in your family. They are great! I bet there are a bunch of golfers out there that would appreciate them! My son being one of them!
Do you have a pattern for them or did you make your own pattern?

:thumbsup: Everything looks great!! I agree maybe he will take it back up now :happydance:

I used this pattern for the golf club covers. I just moved the stripes from the ribbing to the head of the cover.

Great work Stacy! The lapghan is beautiful, and I know that Suri yarn is FAB! I love the Autumn colors, and those colors will seem warmer to her, as well.

The golf club covers are cute! My knitting buddy made a set for her boss! I haven’t seen them, but I am sure they are similar in shape as yours! You chose good colors! Yeah, too bad Dad doesn’t golf anymore. Maybe he will be inspired to try again!

Kinda like if someone gave me some new yarn or needles…and I hadn’t knit in years…I’d be kinda inspired to start again!

Everything looks great. Sorry to hear that your dad switched hobbies on you.

Nice work! Pretty colors in the lapghan. That’s a bummer that your dad no longer plays golf, but the covers look great.