FO: Lacy Ribs Socks Using Jewels of the Czar Colorway

Hi all!


I just completed another pair of socks, and I thought I’d share a few pictures.

These are my Lacy Ribs Socks. The pattern is in Wendy Johnson’s book, Socks from the Toe Up.

The yarn is Bear Feet (by Raven Frog Fiber Arts), and the colorway is Jewels of the Czar. I picked up this yarn in Sitka, Alaska, when I went on an Alaskan cruise last summer.

I used 90 grams of it on size 0 needles.

I liked the yarn and the striping effect it had, but the striping stopped after I turned my heel on the first sock and began pooling. That sock is ugly. The second sock turned out completely differently with the striping continuing, for some odd reason, after the heel turn. One of the pictures below shows both socks, side by side. Not my prettiest pair, let me tell you, but the socks will keep me warm in the winter.

Thanks for looking at my pictures. If you want more info, visit my Ravelry project page or my blog (link beside my signature).




The following picture shows you how different both socks are…

Well, that is frustrating, but they are still nice! Sometimes you get what you get. :wink:

Beautiful colors and socks. The ways of self-striping yarn are indeed strange at times. Still, lovely work.

Another pair of fabulous socks! I like them both–even the one that didn’t stripe correctly, and I like the fact that the matching pair don’t match!! (Of course, I’ve been known to wear two different colored socks! I tell people that just because you bought them together doesn’t mean you have to wear them together.)

Love those colors, too!

Another superb pair of socks from you. They look fantastic!:inlove:

Regardless of the pooling, the feetsies part are very compatible! You wouldn’t think that sock yarn would do this incredible pooling act, would you? Wear the socks with pride, but not with cropped pants. :teehee:


Well, I have to admit I haven’t seen the pattern of self-striping yarn vary that much. Still, I really like both the pattern and the colors! You did a good job!

I like your socks just the way they are. Your toes will love them too! OK, so they aren’t your most beautiful pair, but socks is socks and the part that will show most look like they match. Good job! but too bad about the pooling.

I’m going to rename you the Sockchick. LOL Nice socks.

It is weird that that happened. They are really different all right. Under pants no one will ever know.


I just got an iPhone, and I’m trying to get Siri to call me the Sock Knitting Goddess. :teehee: