FO: Lacy Poncho

Dd wanted the blue poncho shown here:

She fell in love with the feel of a totally different yarn though, so I substituted and had to alter # of sts, etc.
Here’s how it turned out in Patons Bohemian. Can’t attach same photo in 2 threads, so you have to go here:

Always post your FO’s here and then you won’t have a problem.

Cute poncho. :thumbsup:

Beautiful color and style. I love the texture of Paton’s Bohemian. I bet it feels very soft and cozy to wear. Good job.

I love that, I’m sure yours was a wonderful gift. I made the black one w/hood on that same pattern booklet for my SIL and gave it to her for her birthday, she loved it!!

Looks good :thumbsup:

:yay: it looks great!!

That’s so cute! I like the color! Looks like a good fit. :thumbsup: