FO: Lacy Bonnet

Here is my most recent FO. It’s called “Lacy Bonnet” and is from “knitting for two.”

I used Filatura di Crosa 501 in “pretty in pink” (washable merino wool on sale at

Model: Ashley. My talented mom made this bunny rabbit for me years and years ago, including the outfit. She’s propped up against my iron, as she’s a floppy bunny.

Things I learned in the making of this:

  1. how to make lace (intentional patterns of holes in knitting) :woohoo:

  2. how to pick up and knit stitches (I don’t know why that used to scare me) :slight_smile:

  3. trying to do an “M1” when you have knitted tightly is a real @#$%^&*$#@!

  4. knitting i-cord can get tedious

Thanks for looking!

Oh, and thank you Candace for your advice in the seaming and finishing stages:muah:!!


That is just beautiful! You really did a great job.

It is precious! I love the pattern, and the yarn looks perfect for it. Great job!

That is very nice - I love the flower/star pattern on the top/back!

This is so lovely!!! It’s beautiful!

:notworthy:That is just beautiful. The detail is FANTASTIC!!

:slight_smile: jeanette

That is lovely!


Beautiful job!! The back is wonderful!!!

Wow! That is so lovely!

So much detail. It is beautiful!


That is so cute! You did a great job. Your little bunny model made me laugh. She looks like she feels a bit humiliated, but I don’t know why she should feel that way. The bonnet goes very nicely with her dress.

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L bonnet.:heart:

It’s gorgeous – one of my favorite patterns! :heart:

What a lovely bonnet, was this your first lace project???You did a beautiful job! Is it for someone other than your bunny!! :wink:

Oh, that is so sweet! Lovely work.

How SWEET!! :heart:

Great job!!! It turned out awesome!!