FO: Lacy bamboo top

I just finished this Drops top. It was intended for me, but it fits DD better, so she gets it.
Yarn: Madil Eden in Lipstick Red (100% bamboo)

6.5 skeins
Smallest size
Pattern: Drops 101-23
Pattern changes: I don’t want open stitches on the bodice of this, so I used [I]July 23-Mock Cable Right[/I] from the [I]365 Knitting Stitches a Year[/I] book for the bodice. I also used stockinette instead of reverse stockinette for the top. I did some decreases around the waist and changed to a smaller needle size (6) for the cable rib part until the bustline. Then I went back to a size 7 needle. I reverted to the size 6 needle for the neck and sleeve edges.
This yarn is VERY drapey–perfect for this pattern.
Cute, huh? It’s extremely soft, drapes beautifully and fits her like a cute top should!
I LOVE this top so much, I’m making another one for me, but without the decreases and in a different color.

Very cute! I love Drops patterns. My lys carries their pattern books as well as their yarn.

I love that!! :inlove: I also love the changes you made!

That’s great, it is so intricate and just lovely on.:yay:

Way to go, that looks great!

Gina, it’s adorable, and so is your DD, from the neck down. :slight_smile:

You are such a prolific knitter, I’d never have kept up with you on that one pattern!

It’s summer–no school, so I have extra time. Starting next week, I’ll be much slower. Actually, b/c I have hand problems, I can’t knit too much at a time, but learning Portuguese Knitting has helped my speed a LOT!

Ooo, it’s so pretty! :heart:

It’s beautiful! Gorgeous color, and lovely work.

That’s really lovely! You can be right proud of that! :muah:

That is beautiful Gina. A great fit on your daughter.

That’s a very beautiful top, mine, can i be your DD too :teehee:

:thumbsup: great knit :yay:

It is soooo cute!! I love the color. the stitch work came out beautiful!!

:inlove: so pretty!! I love the color and the changes you made to it…Looks great :woot:

Ohhhhhhh so pretty . Lovely work :slight_smile:

You did a beautiful job!

Just gorgeous, Gina and I love that color!

Very cute and I love the color!


very pretty

It’s gorgeous!! and I love the color!