FO: Lacey Summer Tank

Well, it’s named “The Lacy Summer Tank”, but obviously, since I’ve knit it with wool, I won’t be wearing it for summer! I’m going to wear it underneath a cardigan of the same yarn, wearing them like a ‘twin set’.

[B]Pattern: [/B] Lacy Summer Tank (free)
She’s also posted it in Ravelry, here.

[B]My yarn: [/B][COLOR=DarkRed]“Leftover”[/COLOR] Debbie Bliss Luxury Donegal Tweed (4.22 balls, or 405 yds)
[B]Color: [/B]02 Celery
My Ravelry notes, in you’re interested in my modifications.

I like this tank pattern for two reasons: the [B]lacy[/B] hem and neckline; and it uses [B]worsted [/B]weight yarn. So many tanks are [I]so plain,[/I] and use [I]dk weight.[/I]

The lace was very very easy to memorize, even for me, not being a lace knitter usually!
(hats off to lace knitters! all those gorgeous shawls!)

I prefer flat knitting (easier to block), but this one is knit ‘in-the-round’ up to the armholes,
for those of you who prefer seamless knitting, you’ll love it!

It’s beautiful! I love the color!

Ohhhh…another winner!!! LOVE that tank, ArtLady!! You did a wonderful job on the lace too!!!

It was so easy, and so much fun! Usually knitting in the round is so tedious, endlessly going around in circles circles circles. But this one was interesting, with the waistline shaping and all!

And loads of fun doing the lace at the neckline. I modified the armhole edging or border. Pattern called for st st right up to the edge! ST ST rolls, and some other knitters were adding CROCHET edges to it, along the armholes and along the neckline. Ack. :eyes:

Absolutely beautiful combination!!! Love your work! :thumbsup:

GORGEOUS!!! (as always) Love the color and pattern for both - want to see you modeling this! :slight_smile:

Love it!! :inlove:

What a lovely top - and cardi. Beautiful texture and color :muah:

Both are beautiful! Love the green :heart:

That is so pretty - love the color and the set! I’ve been looking for a nice summer tank to make, and haven’t come across on I love yet - I will definitely check this one out!

Love this set!! It’s so feminine, and the color is perfect!

Looks wonderful! :yay:

I love the way the two patterns complement each other, and the color is perfect. Lovely work, as always.

:inlove: :inlove: BEAUTIFUL! Great job, love the color and the lace work. Thanks for sharing.

Really beautiful! Love the cool cucumber colorway. I may have to look that one up.

[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Those pieces are really pretty together.

“Leftover” you say?
Makes me wonder what you knit first. :think:[/COLOR]

I just cast on last night and had forgotten you made this! I am happy to reread your post on it :slight_smile:

Gorgeous combination! The lace is perfect and it does look like fun to knit. Enjoy wearing it.

Gorgeous set, Artlady. I too love that color. Beautiful work!:heart: :heart:

:heart: :heart: :heart: