FO - Lacework Edging

So this is the first thing I have done that has any real patterning to the fabric. Ive dont ribbed stuff, but this has some lacework on the hems at the bottom and the sleeves. Its also the first sweater (#5) that the front and back acutally ended up the same length :slight_smile: I didnt have to ease any seams :slight_smile:

This is only the second time Ive dont a knitting on neckline. I ended up picking up more stitches then called for becuase I could not get it to look even with the number of stitches called for. Might that be way the neck edge doesnt lay down quite as nicley as it should?

AND!!! it fits. I dont have anyone to take a picture of me in it right now but trust me it fits nicely.


You did a fantastic job. The lace edging looks great.

It’s beautiful! Nice work on it! :thumbsup:

Ooooh! That’s so pretty!!! :cheering:

Great job! Skies the limit now!

Mama bear

It turned out great! Where is the pattern from?

eewww that is pretty.

Very pretty - I love that color!


So many milestones in one project! It looks great in those pics; now how about one of it being modeled?

I looooove that color! Way to go!

:inlove: :inlove: Lovely!

Simply beautiful you should be very proud!

:happydance: :thumbsup:

Modeling will come tonight, I think.

Itsa from Fashion-Plus Knits (I think thats the title) The book is a lesuire Arts/Lion Brand book thats all plus sized stuff. It called for Homespun but opted to change it becuase I loved the color so much too :slight_smile:

Beautiful! You should be very proud :wink:

Looks like you did a great job.

Pretty! The lace edging looks great!

Great lace edging! :thumbsup:

Beautiful! :inlove:

Beautiful work!! It fits perfectly!

:heart: :heart:

Look how happy you are in your sweater! I like it even more!

Again, I am impressed with the hem, and you are right it is a perfect fit! Great job!