FO: Lace Sleeves Sweater

It took me forever to finish this sweater because I was very busy taking care my 2 girls. Anyway, it’s finished now and I am happy with the result. I love the additional lace on the bottom. I wore it many times already. I know you all are waiting for the “in action” photo, so here they are! I specially love the first photo, because you can see on the background that my eldest daughter was also doing the pose. For more info about this project you can go here

Simply scrumptious!

Oh my … it’s incredibly beautiful!!! It may have taken you a while to finish it but it was sure worth the wait!! Your daughter is beautiful as well! :slight_smile:

Very nice sweater! And great knitting! :thumbsup:

What a gorgeous, feminine sweater! I love all the lace detail, and those pleats on the lower half are simply delightful. You are talented!

Very gorgeous sweater! I love the color.

Absolutely beautiful! Lovely color and looks great on you.

That is beautiful. You are obviously very talented. Laurie is a beauty, also!