FO: Lace Edge Tank

Here is a basic tank top with lace bottom that I made from a pattern on It is done in the round, so no side seaming (yay!) which makes it a pretty easy and quick knit.

The yarn is 100% silk that I got at a wholesaler that opens to the public once a month. It was $45 for 1.9 POUNDS!

This is also the first garment I’ve made for myself that actually fits reasonably well…If I did it again I’d make the armhole a tad roomier, but otherwise I’m pretty happy with it!


Oh that is lovely! the lace is fabulous and the color is to die for! looks soft and great to wear! good work!

I like that :thumbsup: which pattern was it? - ETA - found it from your sig! :oops:

Good job - nice work :cheering:

:inlove: Beautiful job! I’m glad you are happy with it!

Very nice!! :smiley:

:smiley: BEAUTIFUL!! I’m knitting Soleil for my sister, too :thumbsup:

GEORGEOUS!! I’ve been looking for a tank pattern done in the round for me to try for my first garment. Someone else had posted this pattern for me, but the color shown turned me off. Seeing your pic sealed the deal! I’m on my way to go order yarn for this. TY and Great Work!!

Beautiful work!!! :thumbsup:

knitaddict, Elann has the yarn that is used on the Soleil pattern on Knitty…they have a great color selection, too :thumbsup:

Well, you just answered the question I just posted. :happydance: I found Soleil in Elann, but wasn’t sure it was the same as Knitty was calling for. Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

Thank goodness my dh is deployed - now I can feed the yarn addiction without complaint. :rofling:

Ooh, very nice! :thumbsup: You did great!! You’ll be able to wear that often!

Absolutely beautiful! I might have to try that one myself!

That is just beautiful. Enjoy wearing it!! Did a great job! :happydance:

That is gorgeous! I might have to give a try!

Very pretty! It must feel so nice in silk too!

That’s lovely! Looks like it has a wonderful drape too.

Mama Bear


Y’all are such a nice crowd to hang out with! Thanks for the kind words!!

Very nice! Your knitting is beautiful! :thumbsup:
And I love the colour!


That’s just beautiful work. Such even stitches! And in silk too, you lucky woman!

Way to go! :cheering: