FO: Lace Edge Hand Towel and Face Cloth

16.5" x 24.5"
Reynold’s Saucy Cotton (a mercerized, cable cotton)

My Ravelry notes, if you’re interested.

Face cloth 9" x 9" was my own invention, with the leftover yarn.

The pattern is designed by Dianna Stevens, assistant manager at THE KNITTERY. The pattern isn’t available online, but just call the shop. The owner (Win) or Dianna will be happy to mail you the leaflet. The price of the two-sided pattern is $4.

Located in Renton, Washington, USA
(425) 228-4694
Or, toll free: 1-800-742-3565

Beautiful. Are those blocking surfaces rubber? Do you poke pins right into them, and does the rubber surface make things dry more slowly? When I lived in Olympia, I found it hard to get things to dry at all. Just wondering.

Those are gorgeous, Dollyce! :yay:

Yes, they are sorta rubbery. They’re like those mats that come in bright colors for kids. Some people actually use those I guess. You can get these at Knitpicks. I have two sets.

Jan is right. I got mine from KnitPicks, too, and they dry the knits very quickly. I think the mats actually suck up the moisture! I like them. Cheap, too. Nice to have a second blocking surface!

Very pretty! :thumbsup:

Nice work … very pretty and delicate looking!

Those are too beautiful to use. Terrific work as usual. Love them. :muah:

I didn’t see these last night.

Beautiful and perfect!

Oooooo lace …makes my head swim :eyes:

Question…do you knit English method, Continental method or both?

Happy knitting…:knitting:

Beautiful!! I love Saucy yarn - works up so nice and is really soft!