FO: Lace-Edge Fingertip Towel

[B]Size: [/B]after blocking: 8.5" x 19"
[B]Yarn:[/B] 1 skein of Reynolds Saucy Sport (cotton)
[B]Color: [/B]202 light sea green
My Ravelry Notes

On the blocking table:

Beautiful, ArtLady!! So dainty!!! You always find the neatest patterns!!

[SIZE=3][COLOR=SandyBrown][B][I]OOOOOOOOOO[/I], how pretty[I]![/I][/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]


That’s gorgeous, Dollyce!:inlove:

Looks great! I needed a new hand towel pattern. Thanks!

This is just beautiful!!!

[SIZE=3][B][COLOR=YellowGreen][COLOR=YellowGreen][SIZE=4]Beautiful![/SIZE] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SandyBrown]I love the [COLOR=YellowGreen]green[/COLOR] on peach.[/COLOR][/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]