FO: Lace Baby Sweater & Booties

I made this set for my niece who is having a baby girl in November. It is from this pattern. I used Premier Yarns - Serenity in Pink.

That is so pretty! I’m sure they will love it! :thumbsup:

that is very cute, indeed.
The laces in the booties finish that look perfectly.

A friend of mine is having a baby in Feburary and she does not know the gender yet (doesn’t want to). that of course keeps me from the knitting frenzy a bit. I am just doing a natural white baby blanket, sinze I can’t go all that color crazy :slight_smile:

That’s really beautiful, they’ll be so blessed by your gift.

[SIZE=3][COLOR=Purple]That’s really pretty and [B]very[/B] nicely done. :yay:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

There are two saftey issues that anyone who knits (or sews) for infants or small children need to be aware.

One is ties that go around the neck. There have been incidents of accidental strangulation in many different scenarios.

We’ve all heard about making sure buttons are sewed on very securely so they don’t end up in mouths and cause choking.

The second is an issue I had never heard about, but I experienced on a very, very personal level. It’s ribbons on infants clothing.

As lovely as they make a garment look, babies have a natural sucking reflex and they’ll suck on anything they get in their mouth.

My second baby managed to get the end of a bonnet ribbon in her mouth, when I saw this, she had already sucked about [B]6"[/B] of ribbon down her throat. The ribbon was sewed on a bonnet, and I did know enough to re-enforce the attachment before I ever put it on her.
Ribbons that [B]aren’t[/B] anchored secured, could have fatal results.

If I made this sound scary, well good. It was for me, and should be for anyone who knows a baby.

Beautiful gift set!! She’ll love it!

Very pretty! :thumbsup:

How sweet!! :heart:

It’s adorable!

I love that its soo cute, (would work great in green or yellow or blue or purple too) lol I love hand knitted gifts especially for babys and xmas gifts I wish more people would knitt for showers I love and charish all my knitted gifts. My son still sleeps with all his hand knitted and crochetted blankets every mom loves handmade gifts!

Very nice work! Lovely!

Nice work! A very nice gift.