FO - Lace Baby Dress

OK Ladies and Gents! I finally, finally, finally finished the lace baby dress. Without further words, I will post the pictures and let YOU tell me if you think it is good enough to gift to a very dear friend who has been really good to me… (I hope, I hope, I hope).

Top left is the little heart shaped buttons I used; top right is the ribbon rosette I put at the neckline; bottom left is the front of the dress; bottom right is the back of the dress.

If you click on the image you can view a larger size of the picture, to go back to normal just click the image again!

Oh MY!!! Christine, it’s absolutely beautiful and you must be giddy with excitement…what a perfectly wonderful gift it will be!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

I’m quite pleased with it. The only thing that worries me is what if the person receiving it is not a “fancy” person, and only likes plain things?

Oh my! That is stunning!

I especially love the extra touches…the buttons…

Wonderful job!

It’s very sweet! Any little girl would look adorable in it! :heart:


Hahaha, yes dear??? (sorry, I couldn’t help myself… I have a really strange sense of humour sometimes!!!)

Very pretty and so girly. Great job Christine.

Thanks, I am rather proud of this dress. I had a tough time motivating myself, but once I got going it went really quickly. Now that I am finished, it’s on to the bedjacket that I promised my sister for Christmas LAST YEAR. She might get it by this Christmas!

I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that! When she sees this, you’ll see. It is done so well and I am very impressed with your attention to the details. Very thorough and it’s just perfect!!!

I can’t imagine anyone not loving it, but you know how that goes with your own experience. It’s gorgeous!

How cute is that! Great job!

If they don’t like it, give them a GC for Walmart. OF COURSE they’ll like it! It’s beautiful, and ever so girly.

I think it’s absolutely lovely!!! And i’m sure your friend will be delighted :heart:

It is stunning Christine . You should be so proud . I am sure any mum would be happy to put that dress on her little girl:muah:
(LOL i know who to come to if i ever have a girl:rofl: ) xxxx

Hi Christine! :waving:

This little dress is a masterpiece!!! And your finishing touches such as the buttons, the ribbon rose, etc. really make it special!!!

Oh my! Inspiring!!! :thumbsup:

That is beautiful!

I hope your friend loves it. In a way it is simple. It has simple lines, and just a “simple” little lace pattern on the skirt and one simple little rosette. It’s lovely. Mothers have a way of getting a little more accepting of things like this for their little dolls once they see them in them. She is not wearing this herself, and that makes a big difference. We all have our fingers crossed.

What a precious dress!! Those little details make it very special – I’m sure your friend will love it :heart:

:inlove: too cute!