FO: LaBoheme scarf for Yolanda

Yolanda is my daughter’s mother-in-law! Lovely woman!

My Rav Notes

This yarn is a bugger to knit with. It is two-stranded: a brushed kid mohair loop plied with rayon bouclé.

Anyway, as you knit along…the mohair doesn’t knit up like the bouclé. You start out with them “together”…and after a few rows…you have 4" of excess mohair! Bah!

So then to use it up…I wrap the mohair an extra time with every other stitch across the row. Then the next row you sorta have to pick up the extra wrap like you do when working short rows.

Well this yarn was another one of those impulse purchases. I don’t recommend this yarn to anyone who values their sanity!

Good old st st was the best stitch for this yarn. Yes, it rolls…but it’s wide enough to be okay! It turned out beautiful!

It’s hard to photograph this color indoors!

Just looking at mohair makes me itch, but the FO’s are beautiful!

You have such a wonderful eye for color. The scarf may have been a pain to knit but the result is lovely.

The colours are stunning. Seriously, when I look at the second picture my eyes shift to staring mode and widen inappropriately :slight_smile:

It was totally worth it.

Warning! Warning! I think Olha is ogling your sweater!!!

And well she should as it’s beautiful!

LOL! I had to look up ‘ogling’ and all connotations are spot on :slight_smile: That’s exactly what I did.

All I can say is better you than me!!! :roflhard: It is such a gorgeous hank of yarn though it is too bad it is so tough to mess with. The scarf came out lovely though even simply made. I am sure she is going to love it.

It is really beautiful, in spite of the yarn problems. :inlove: I can see where a fancier st would not be useful for this lovely yarn.

Ha! If that had been a SWEATER, poor ArtLady would be hairless as well as witless by now!!

And you know, I woke up in the middle of the night thinking, now [I]what[/I] did I call that thing again? Did I call it something besides a scarf?

I guess it’s the curse of an editor–you somehow remember your mistakes even when you don’t even know you made them!

I’m betting, though, that you won’t be knitting any sweaters with this yarn, and you’ve probably washed your hands of it already. However, it is [I]such[/I] a lovely color!

You got that right!

Not only is this yarn the pits to knit…it cost $31.50 (plus sales tax $2.99 = $34.49) per hank! Gah! :eyes: