FO: KUDO basic summer tank

Yarn: KUDO by Plymouth Yarns (cotton, rayon, silk)
Yardage: 491yds for longer version and size med.
Pattern: Basic Tankby L. Lindeman
My Ravelry notes and modifications, if you’re interested.

The colors are not this BRITE. Bright, but not as neon! :wink:

looks good!!! :cheering:

I like it a lot! Have you tried it on? how do YOU like it? does it fit great, or is it a gift?

Yes, tried it on. Fits great! Even now, before I lose more weight. I think I’ll wear it with white capris and a white shirt sometime soon!

Ooh, I love that! It reminds me of the 60’s!

Love it! It would look GREAT with the white capris! And just THINK of all the shoe color choices you have to go with that outfit! I’d just have to run out and buy sandals in all the colors of the rainbow to match!! (I like shoes…can you tell??) :teehee:

Thanks a lot Slim, now I have The Age of Aquarius going through my head! :roflhard:

It will look wonderful with white capris! :thumbsup:

Great job as always! Love the colors! :inlove:

Oh, it is SO pretty!!! Be sure and take a pic when you have it on with your white capris!! Wow … beautiful!

Looks great!

I love it and want to check out this yarn. It would look good with jeans at your mountain retreat too.

My husband said to me: "Rupert would love this tank top!"
I almost smacked him!

[U]Rupert Boneham [/U]from Survivor! You know…the cheerful, big-hearted, bearded hippy guy with the [B]whirly-gig tie-dyed t-shirts[/B] that have become his “signature wear”! :eyes:

:roflhard: So true, Dollyce!

I think it has a little too much class for Rupert.

Darn Jan, now The Age of Aquarius is running through my head.
And I’m old enough that I shouldn’t be able to remember the 60s.

Dollyce, was there a pot of gold at the end?
Really nice, it’ll be even more spectacular paired with white.

I saw this tank knitted up at an LYS on the annual LYS TOUR in our area in May. You’d never guess how nice the colors display from looking at the hanks, which looked tweedy!

I fell in love with it. I’m a sucker for primary colors.

Groovy tank :cool: Will definitely look great with the white capri pants!