FO KPs Crayon Flower Facecloth

This is the flower shaped facecloth from the book Weekend Knitting. I have made three with the recommended yarn Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille. I decided to try KP’s Crayon mainly because it is a lot less expensive. This is a new color, periwinkle. It is very soft but maybe more flimsy than the chenille. I gave all the chenille ones away so I can’t make a good comparison. At some point I will make the one for me with the chenille that is in my stash drawer :rollseyes: . Sorry about the shadow in the picture. I did not notice it until I saw it on the computer.

I lo :heart: e it!

Looks great - I love the color!

Pretty! I :heart: that color!

Neat! Looks like it works just fine as a substitute!! :cheering:

:smiley: I love it…i must get this book so I can make some of those cloths…It’s just beautiful :thumbsup:

That came out so pretty!

I love that book, and I have been dying to try the faceclothes. I have so much knitting to do this summer!

Every time I see those cloths, I tell myself I NEED that book. I guess I’m just going to have to get the book. Well, there, that took a lot of convincing. I’ll also need to find another book, so I can get the free shipping from!

Very cute. Love the color!

I have this book and want to make those! I can never find the yarn. They are so pretty!!

Thank you. I had a hard time finding the Crystal Palace Chenille at LYS but I found it on ebay. This is made with Knit Picks Crayon. It is soooo soft.


Aawww! :inlove: